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Do you have a question regarding a specific product or order which is not answered in the FAQ? Do not hesitate to contact us at info@hopsandhopes.nl and we will answer your question as soon as possible. It is also an option to send us a WhatsApp message (see the icon below):

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It is possible to pick up your order at the following addresses:

Van Heeswijkstraat 18
5071 CV Udenhout

Regent Goijaertsstraat 11
5272 BM Sint-Michielsgestel

Note: in order to make an appointment, please send us a message through e-mail or WhatsApp, so that we can arrange a suitable date and time.

Company details

v.o.f. Hops & Hopes
Correspondence Address:
Regent Goijaertsstraat 11
5272BM Sint-Michielsgestel
E-mail address: info@hopsandhopes.nl
Chamber of Commerce no: 82260885

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6d9bbc54a03add9d173d8cd62d25f8a0 300x300 Viktor G

Toasted Maple Stout

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Eaaa440ea28b686108ee62c47535a280 300x300 Elmer J

Nuttin' Butter

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A263ab777ea927aab27318d3d44d29fb 300x300 Frank W.

Basqueland Brewing

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We focus exclusively on special and unique craft beers.

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All beers will be packed, handeld and shipped with care.

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