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When can I expect my package?
We understand that you would like to receive your beers as soon as possible. That is why we aim to ship your package on the same day.

Track & Trace
As soon as you have placed your order, you receive a Track & Trace by mail. We ship our packages with PostNL or by DPD.

Shipping costs

Country0-10 kg10-20 kg20+ kg
The Netherlands€ 6,75

(> €75 free)

€ 6,75
(> €75 free)
€ 13,50
(> €75 free)
Belgium€ 8,75

(> €100 free)

€ 8,75
(> €100 free)
€ 17,50
(> €100 free)
Bulgaria€ 26,00€ 36,00€ 63,00DPD
Denmark€ 16,00€ 26,00€ 46,50DPD
Germany€ 15,50€ 25,50€ 46,50DPD
Estonia€ 21,50€ 31,50€ 59,00DPD
Finland€ 21,50€ 31,50€ 59,00DPD
France€ 20,00€ 24,85€ 29,50


Greece€ 26,00€ 36,00€ 63,00DPD
Hungary€ 20,00€ 30,00€ 55,00DPD
Italy€ 19,20€ 24,85€ 39,50


Croatia€ 21,50€ 31,50€ 59,00DPD
Latvia€ 21,50€ 31,50€ 59,00DPD
Lithuania€ 21,50€ 31,50€59,00DPD
Luxembourg€ 15,60€ 19,70€ 29,50


Austria€ 16,00€ 26,00€ 46,50DPD
Poland€ 16,00€ 26,00€ 46,50DPD
Portugal€ 22,50€ 32,40€ 41,55PostNL/DPD
Roemenia€ 21,50€ 31,50€ 59,00DPD
Slovenia€ 21,50€ 31,50€59,00DPD
Slowakia€ 21,50€ 31,50€ 59,00DPD
Spain€ 20,40€ 30,50€ 42,55PostNL/DPD
Czech Republic€ 21,50€ 31,50€ 59,00DPD
Sweden€ 26,00€ 36,00€ 63,00DPD

We do not ship orders on the following Dutch holidays:

December 25th and 26th, 2021
December 31st, 2021
January 1st, 2022

PostNL does not deliver parcels on those days. If there is a national holiday in the country of delivery, the delivery of your package may therefore take a little longer.

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A8700a2fcf6c8ca2130359a2823c99f4 300x300 Tim K.

Tetris Nuggets
450 North Brewing Company

53f89064944a3d73df4b8c1079dd628e 640x640
6da34e07ebeed8f72e8e3e666e4d5906 300x300 Danny B

Function Imperial Oatmeal Stout w Vietnamese Coffee & Cinnamon

Amazing! They even managed to hide some of the 16.1% in this thick black chocola...
8867ba9c9fe16115232533c75a062e34 640x640
7a13bbf0bbdc461ee3ecb1fc0385ff78 Yapol

Where The Sky Meets The Earth
Alefarm Brewing

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